Monday, January 27, 2014


I know some would be wondering how am I coping, especially as today makes it just a month I delivered? Well, apart from my loved ones during a wonderful job of looking after me, housekeeping is much easier compared to what I knew back home. I am not stressed at all, I am mostly on the bed either watching movies, blogging orsleeping. Infact, the stress level is minimal here, that is why the life expectancy level is above 43 years as it is predicted in Nigeria.

There are different appliances and cleaning supplies which helps to keep a home clean without too much wahala and living in an apartment with plenty of de-cluttering on my part makes it faster sef!

Nigerians here are more relaxed, even when there is no dime in our pockets. And when someone has peace of

mind, there would be this calm -fresh-face-robust look about the person, that when they go visiting, people back home would be thinking; 'This guy don hammer! Or Me-hn! enjoyment galore!' Expecting the guy to be generous like father Christmas, and when he doesn't, names like 'hard-core', Aradite' and super-glue' would be added as aliases to his name!

A guy called to ask about re-locating; Wanting to know if there are jobs and someone can be sending money back home. 'Yes, there are jobs and it depends on your lifestyle' He was replied. I was amused, because this guy is yet to land in jand and he is already thinking of the money to send back home?! He is not thinking of how he would survive first, but how to be seen as 'big-boy' back home! He probably thinks it is like 9ja, where one would rely on his host for everything even when working......... such people are called free-loaders here, and are not encouraged at all! My guys, the truth is that a host can be magnanimous for 2 months max, so that the person can get his footings, after that, it is; OYO! {you are on your own!}. The person either joins paying the bills and buying groceries or get an apartment! Visiting and relocating are 2 parallel experience, and until Nigerians understand that, they would encounter hiccups! No matter how rich or loaded the host is, money is very much valued here and not carelessly spent. Like I said in an older post, there is no 'nah my brother or sister' when it comes to money between Nigerians!

Sorry for digressing, I couldn't resist chipping that in, some illusion need to be shattered! So, as I was saying...... Any Nigerian in jand that is under so much stress is either living above their income or performing too much responsibility back home. Our women in Nigeria should be hailed and caps doffed for them for doing a wonderful job as a wife, mother and home-maker with the little resources available to them. I have experienced both sides and I can tell you that stress is one of the contributing factor to couples' fights because everyone would be cranky, easily irritated and snap at very little matter, which ordinarily ought not to be an issue. Well, the trick I used in Nigeria then, was to do what my power can carry me for that day and leave the rest for tomorrow. If hubby comes home stressed, after the endless traffic jam, I avoid frivolous talks and only tell him important message after his meal. But for here, he is my amebo partner o! ....ehehehhee...#pillowtalktinz#

Thanks everyone, have a stressed-free week.