Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hey! My friends, you didn't think I would by-pass the opportunity to have the much-talked about epidural birth ehn? Wow! It was a blissful experience! Ok! Let me quickly summarize it:

I was already 6cm dilated when I was checked. The anesthetist set up an IV, a fluid was allowed to pass through me quickly, before he came to administer the epidural.

The procedure was like acupuncture, a coil was inserted into my back, and I went numb from waist down. It felt so gooood, just as when you come in from a hot sunny day and given a glass of ice-cold water, and you go aaa-aaahh!

I felt sleepy, but the shivers began. I was not cold but I was shaking uncontrollable. The nurse said that is what replaces the contraction pains, and my body was undergoing a transition. This continued until I was 10cm dilated. I felt no pressure, so it was the nurse who told me when to push by reading my contraction monitor. After four pushes, our 8lbs 7.3ozs {about 3.8kg} bundle of joy came into the world, and hubby had the pleasure of cutting his umbilical cord with the assistance of the doctor and did his first feet imprint. It was 4 hours later that the numbness subsided.

 There is a huge difference between birthing in Nigeria and abroad. This delivery was my easiest and un-messiest. There was no single stain of blood on the white bed sheets or my night gown or on the floor. Infact, you won't believe a delivery just happened! Every fluid was absorbed by the large disposable pads placed under me. I was not shaved or given enema as done in Nigeria. The labour/delivery room is like a bedroom setting, very comfortable and relaxing, only the beeping sounds of the monitors inside the cabinets gives it away as a hospital. The post-delivery room is also like a bedroom, and I was assigned another nurse who checked on us every hour. Hot meals were served, according to my menu choice.The 2 nights I spent were filled with pampering and thorough examination until we were discharged. Everybody was professional, courteous and warm. I thanked them all with hugs.

Have a blessed weekend y'all.