Monday, January 06, 2014


It never crossed our mind to have another bundle of joy when we relocated. Friends in Nigeria would be asking when are we going to have an American baby? We would laugh it off, but I didn't know the bug has bitten my hubby.

When he began singing the baby blue song, my alert antenna went up, and I added an extra day to my safe periods and took long showers on my peak days.(Hey! A gal gat to

do what she gat to do qui? *wink*) You see, I removed my IUD a week to relocation after about 4 years of use in order to get the arm implantation since they are advanced in technology. But my weight put me at a disadvantage and I did not want another IUD because of the heavy flow. So Trojan and safe periods came handy!

 Ha! Unknowing to me, my hubby had marked my ovulation period to the V! And was planning his art of seduction to the T! I was having one of those longggg showers when he joined me. Hmm!  My people, don't let me bore you with the details! Just know that my body refused to co-operate with my head on that particular day! He always...*sudden pause* Heeeey! I saw that look on your faces y'all! Come'on guys! It was not my fault! The hormones were dancing salsa inside of me and my hubby knows how to make me sing in soprano! *batting my eye-lashes* So as I was saying....

My hubby always tease me that my cooking skill is like Nitel, just as my body is like magnet! So he was so confident and was counting the days to when I was expecting my flow which never came. I wish you guys could have seen the big grin on his face! Just as when his favourite football team scores a goal. I, that thought I have hanged my maternity gown for the last time 5 years ago!

Don't worry guys, he won't catch me again unexpectedly because I will be going back to the same IUD I refused in few weeks time. Yep! He is already teasing me with baby #6 so has to have an even number! He is sooo looking for my trouble o! :D