Friday, January 10, 2014


'When and what are you expecting?' These were the
questions I was asked by friends and strangers. I go blank for a moment and ask 'Huh?'  'dem send unah come?' I later learnt they were simply curious. So I replied; 'End of the year and I don't know the sex.

I am very cautious during pregnancy, because I believe when a woman is expecting, she is vulnerable both physically and spiritually. So, I always keep to myself. This time around Neflix was my buddy. I watched so much seasonal films to last for a longgg time. Infact, right now, am on season 4 episode 14 of Ugly Betty. Just love the humour of the film. Rated it 5 stars!

Why am I superstitious? It's because of what I have read seen and experienced. For instance, during my first pregnancy, a neighbour who was expecting also, asked when was my day, I told her. An elderly lady overheard us, and advised me never to disclose such information to anybody next time and did I not observe the neighbour didn't tell me hers? By the time I came out of the delivery room, I understood why women attend one prayer meeting to another when pregnant!

If anybody had mistakenly asked me this kind of questions again in Nigeria, I would call the person alakoba and mount prayers on his/her head! *Laughing* Seriously though, I had cause to make such prayers on the heads of some Nigerians here, when they heard I was pregnant and given birth......Humph! My people! My ears heard  nasty words that made me livid! I went into a praying rage and returned back every evil words and thoughts to their senders! Nah dem buy our tickets come obodo oyibo? Or are they the ones that gave us permanent residency visa? Did we ask money from them to feed?

Isaiah 66:7-9 was my prayer point throughout my pregnancy. And GOD in all HIS faithfulness saw me through. Please, rejoice with me, because if it was by people's mouth........hmmm.......join me to say 'WE OSE' .

Thank you all.