Thursday, January 02, 2014


Happy new year everybody!!!
I truly missed you all!

I  am sorry, I had to quietly leave when I found out I was expecting, needed all my attention. I was delivered of a baby boy on December 27th, 2013.

Y-E-S! I am returning to blogging because I enjoy writing but under a new name; A new dawn! Which signifies; A new beginning, a new year, another bundle of joy, another year added to my age today; January 2nd and a new laptop!  All old things have passed away as the old year did.

Wow! Where should I start from? So many things to talk about, but  I would try to take it a day at a time; I would start from my pregnancy experience and hope it won't be boring to you all? 

Oh! To the new readers, I was formerly Nitty-gritty, then simplymee, now New dawn. Hopefully, I won't change that again huh? I definitely won't! October 4th 2013 marked my 4th year of entering into blogsville, but today January 2nd marks a new blogging year for me.

Thank you all.