Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I don't like clutter! Because it gives room for bugs to breed freely and I like airy environment. Talking of bugs, I hate those little vermins with a passion! Regardless of the continuous fumigation and several cans of insecticide monthly, these arrogant tiny un-paying tenants refuse to go! I am truly at my wit ends here! If I had my way in
designing the apartments, there would be less floor and wall cabinets, and for the fact that 80% of wood is used for construction, ain't helping matters either. The more I see people throw away stuffs they don't need again, the more I am inspired to de-clutter!

This also applies to relationships; 2 is company but 3 a crowd comes into mind. Having too many friends is a no-no for me, likewise extended family! It only breeds discord. A couple left alone without a 3rd party
interference or extended family drama, fares better. Let me use myself as an example; Since we relocated, I and hubby have become much more closer than when we were in Nigeria. We only have each other now and resolve any issue that arises. We are no longer in the 'I-am-the-man' society; Hubby now does the laundry, shopping, school runs, garbage drop and fend for himself in the kitchen, unlike when in Nigeria.

I spoke to a relative from 9ja recently, and she was lamenting how a friend of her husband is about to ruin her marriage! She is very independent, ambitious and earns more, so she takes out a large responsibility at home for love and peace sake. This so-called friend is jealous of her husband, and is fond of stirring the hornet's nest in her home. I advised her to cry out to anybody that the friend knows, to beg him to stop poke-nosing into her marriage. Haba! This is a man, whose wife ain't working and he worships the ground she walks on o! And he borrows money from my relative's husband, but he does not want her to have peace in her home!

A 9ja man married a 9ja-jand who grew up here with her family, and he relocated to be with her. He had to wait to get his work permit, so he was dependent on his wife. Anytime they had issues, his in-laws would support their daughter. It got so bad that he wanted to return back home, but his wife held onto his passport. He eventually got his work permit and was going out of the house, which brought a bit of reprieve into their marriage, but his in-laws still poke-nose into their affairs.

Grudges is another form of clutter. We hold in malice people that might have offended us. I ask; 'How many grudges would we keep?' Because people offend us everyday just as we also offend others! Ain't nobody a saint! Wounds get healed with time, and should let be, just as letting sleeping dogs lie peacefully. But, when you put yourself out there to be 'injured' again and again, gathering wounds as if they are trophies, then you've gat ya'self to blame! Like a good elderly friend of mine once said {paraphrase}: If the first time was a mis-judgment, the second time a mistake, then the third time is definitely your fault!

The summary of all these many words is that we should de-clutter our environment, our relationships and mind. Shikenah! *Ha! 2 much grammar! But how else would it be a post nah huh?* wriggle eyebrows*.

Thanks everyone :D