Sunday, May 19, 2019


The month of May means so much to me. It was the month we relocated abroad...making it 7 years now, all to the Glory of GOD.

It is the month we celebrate 3 birthdays in my home: Last week was my 1st son's  birthday, today is my hubby's birthday, next week is my 2nd daughter's birthday, yesterday was my 1st daughter's prom and her graduation is next week. What a blessed month! Again, all praises be to JEHOVAH!

It is in May, all issues in my place of work got resolved. Some were fired, including the sour Nigerian co-worker I talked about previously, and some quit. Now, everyone, knows their roles and get their job done! No room for nonsense!

I am indeed grateful to GOD for HIS infinite mercy. Not because I am righteous or loved most, but just by His grace. He has seen us through a lot. It had not been a bed of roses,  even roses have thorns that prickles. Some days I have cried, I have had doubts, I have  asked many questions, I have made errors ... but through it all, HE remained faithful.

Please, you all should join me to celebrate . For the bible says: Rejoice with those that rejoice... shall it be. Shalom.

Monday, May 06, 2019


I am no fan of PDA. To see it displayed inside church during worship in the name of keeping a United front as a couple leaves me amused. 

They had their hands  wrapped around each other, while standing, With her head resting on his chest, swinging and singing together to the beat and song... ..and her hand rubbing his chest with her eyes closed! Yes! They were directly in my line of  vision

I see couples holding hands together, wives resting their heads on their husbands shoulders, husbands caressing their wives arms in a circular motion ... which I had always IGNORED, telling myself it is none of my bee wax! But what I saw last Sunday was just too much abeg! There is a place for every thing!

As much, as I like the refreshed experience of a different church,PDA is not my thing! This is because, I see it as trying hard to validate something! To either prove to yourself or to others that you are loved or you love the person. 

I rather to be shown and showered love when alone together and by kind actions. And not all these PDA! My hubby knows this about me 

 If the world wants to show love through PDA, we should STOP the violence! And the world will be a better place.

Thursday, February 28, 2019


Imagine! I wrote only one post in February! This will make it #2, if I post it eventually. After, I have bragged that I will be uploading more posts now that I use my phone in updating.πŸ˜‰

My reason? I dunno! Maybe because I changed my hours of shift? Or because I don't get encouraged from the lack of  comments readership. Or because I don't have any gossip juicy jist. Or blogging is just not it again? Or because, people are just tired of reading long posts? Well! Whatever the reasons that might be, I simply enjoy writing.  It is what it is!

Okay! That done with! What is new in my life? Hmm..I don't play any computer games, never got interested in them, until I found scrabble or word domination as called, by chance and I am really enjoying it! Also, I realized that I prefer working with males, rather than females because they are more understanding. Yes! I know, I am a she too! BUT Hey! That is the bitter truth. We women drama is too much o jare!

Watching Hollywood movies when I was in Nigeria, I believed what they potrayed. And many Nigerians copied some practices because they want to belong, or be a wannbe or be to seen as tush or westerned. But imagine my suprise when I observed, it ain't so! Just like I see many nollywood movies to be exxagerrated since I was 'bread and butter' in 9ja😁,  but other African viewers won't know. If I tell you guys how many questions I have answered about our movies to other Africans ehen?

Like play, like joke, I have written a long post! Make una no vex! Wishing you all a happy New month ....tomorrow! We will continue to MARCH into our blessings as ordained by GOD.
Oya, see  a big AMEN! 😊

Thursday, February 07, 2019


I  looked at my grey hair, wondering, if I should start dyeing it? This is because, not once, or twice or even 3x I had been asked if my baby is my grandchild? SHOIR! I never become odede ke!I am in my mid 40's!

I realized I was being stereotyped! You see, most African-American women in their 40's are already grandmothers!! I don't like the stereotyping either, but it is what it is! If you see, these grand-mothers, dem packaging na elele! Is it their hairdo abi finger nails? No try dem o! πŸ˜†

By the grace of GOD, @ the right time I will be a grand-mother, because it is a blessing. For the bible says, it is a crown to an old age, for a man to see his children-children. And children are a blessing and heritage from GOD. So shall it be.AMEN!😁

Sunday, January 27, 2019


Good morning oo, my  blog-family ! Don't mind me o jare! Me that said, I will be updating post yanful, yanful, like that because I use my phone now instead of logging into my computer out of laziness. HMM! It is eternal love and Ashes of love movies that kept me so occupied as if I was reading for exam fa!🀣  These Chinese love dramas kept me busy kwa! My guys, if na so love be, me I go love and live! Not dye biko as pipo they talk am!

Love is a beautiful experience. Though, I am not the romantic type (my hubby don tire for me!🀣). I like reading and watching how a man and woman fall in love, but I don't want to know the 'after-story'. Just that 'moment' that they realized they loved each other, makes me go;'Awww'😁

I also like the dramatic display of love by the hero for the heroine. Those 'moments', he will scoop her on his broad shoulders, and carry her away or swing her around to embrace her lovingly, or her back against the wall, while he gaze lovingly into her eyes😍... but biko, no tears o jare! I feel uncomfortable when men cry while displaying their love. .. that part, I do not believe!😁

Thursday, January 10, 2019


Often times, I have read and heard some women say, they don't need any man in their lives and try to force  encourage other women to support them with their arguments. As for me oo, I need and want a man in my life! Yesterday, my car developed problem on my way to work. I called my hubby, since he was working from home, he went to drop me at work and picked me up at night. He called mechanic and found out it was the terminal, paid and brought my car home! Now I am getting ready for work. If some of you like, call me lazy, docile, or whatever, no problemo! All I know, me, nitty, needs a man in my life, SHIKENAH!🀣

Sunday, January 06, 2019


I just witnessed something that truly opened my eyes to the true nature of some human beings! Gosh! I so wish I can discuss it here. What I concluded from what happened is that: NEVER let anyone take advantage of  you! And some people don't deserve kindness!
And living in a litigious society, one continuously has to watch their words and actions. It is scary I tell you! It makes one grow cold!GOD continue to protect us. SIGH!

Thursday, January 03, 2019


When I told my co-workers that yesterday was my birthday, they were like; 'Why did I come to work?' If I can work on new year day, why not on my b-day kwa?' I replied. You see, this is one of the things, I was talking about in my December post, that somethings are no biggie to me again! I did not even cook anything special on new year day sef! We eat wetin dey for house, SHIKENAH! One of the weekends, we will go out for a movie and buffet to celebrate the new year and my birthday. 

Truly, this life can be simple, if we humans don't continue to make rules that makes things difficult! 

P.s hmmm...I am liking this phone-posts oo. It helps with my blog-laziness and keeps posts short, bx ain't nobody gat time reading 'em d**n long posts!🀣

Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Thank You LORD!

Typing with my phone.
Then, I can post whenever my muse visits me.
Thank you all for always visiting.😁
Okay! Daz all for now!
Going to get ready for Work!
See you all later!

Sunday, December 02, 2018


I write my thoughts in my head during the week, and when it comes to weekend, I go BLANK! It is so annoying! Also, I overthink the right words to use to make it short and interesting to read. So, today I decided to round up all my runaway thoughts!  

Somethings are now irrelevant to me, that I just laugh whenever I remember my reaction to those things and my expectations. I ask myself 'really Nitty?' Indeed, age and experience changes views and decisions. No wonder a proverb says; 'What an elderly person sees while sitting on the floor, a child cannot, even if he climbs the tallest palm tree!' 

To every pro-this, and pro-that, activist out there, please live and lets live! Some women love being married! I for one, love the institution of marriage and having a family! If you are the type that likes being single and building your career, please, by all means, go for it! Don't drag other reluctant women with you. What people say outside and behind closed doors are 2 different things! 

Christianity is refreshing to me now,I don't worry about the dos and don'ts of the church expectations. The church I attend is so relaxing and welcoming, no drama, no special songs or recitations or testimonies, no first lady or mummy or daddy-in-Christ, no special chairs or deacons or deaconess, or prophets or prophetess. Just Praise and sermon! You will not know the pastor if not pointed out. 

Some wives encourage their husbands to go out  because he is a nag, or eats too much when at home, or demands for intimacy at the wrong time or has her own under-G moves or he irritates her. But these men do not know and will be bragging that they have understandable wives who allows them to hang with the boys and give them breathing space and laugh at their married friends whose wives discourage them going out often!

Alright that is all for now. Thank you all for stopping by. Happy new month!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


It is 2 months I have been working in my new job, and I had to take 'one' for everybody that works in my unit. You see, there is this particular co-worker that nobody could work with, some will ask for transfer or just quit! I endured all her bully and condescending attitude until the last straw that broke's the camel's back! I made a complaint against her to the management and a meeting was held. The issue was resolved and she apologized. We were told to bury the hatchet and start on a clean slate. She has experience which the management wanted.

I enjoy my new career and place of work, but nursing is not a bed of roses! The first impression one gets from talks around is that nurses are making a lot of money! It is a hype! When one of our lecturers told us, there was no money as such, we did not believe her! Seeing the vacancy posts and what they are offering, I  now believe her!

It is just like any other jobs: When you work overtime or work in 2-3 places, you will make some money! BUT, many companies discourage overtime and there are 24 hours in a day, so I don't know how some people cope with 3 jobs! Meaning, they don't sleep! A guy who worked 2 jobs said, he would sneak into the toilet and sleep for few minutes. Another guy said, he did not sleep on his own bed for 2 years! He caught naps in his car between jobs. 

Thursday is thanksgiving day. Preparation is in top gear here! But I will be at work. It is past midnight now, got back from work an hour ago and had my bath. So hungry now. Lemme go and make hot tea and drink and sleep. Ok everyone, goodnight...or  is it good morning? :D

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Women in the yore days were seen and never heard until they were eventually given the power to be heard. Thus, many abuse that power and cry wolf when there is none! Hence, making genuine cry for help to be scrutinized first to know if it is another wolf cry or not. I do not go running towards the sound; WOLF! WOLF! Because some are out of spite and bitterness! Remember, hell hath no fury as a woman when scorned!


It is a scary time for men now. They are mindful of what they say and do! This is because a simple compliment like 'you are beautiful or you look sexy, is taken out of context! An innocent gesture of waving or touching, is misconstrued! Yet, women wants to be wooed, loved and be married! How feasible can that be in the future when a woman can cry wolf in years to come when her expectations are not met? A Nigerian man who recently relocated said; He was in the break room with his other co-workers, gisting and to stress a point, he touched the hand of a female co-worker (Nigerians will understand what I mean. It is an innocent casual gesture to let the person know they agreed with them or to get their full attention). Only for the HR to call him the next day that the lady filed a complaint against him! He was shocked! He was told to always keep his hands to himself! He did not harbor any ulterior motive. Since then, he stays on his own. Nor does he chat with anybody.

Love is growing cold because people are afraid to be called 'wolf'! We, women should tread carefully with this intoxication of power because, we might leave a trail of turmoil that will affect the genuine cries and innocent people. And before we jump into the bandwagon, take a look inside it. Also, remember, every male out there is a brother and son to a woman! So mothers and sisters,start praying and educating your sons and brothers to learn to keep their hands and words to themselves.

Have a fulfilled week ahead.
Thank you for visiting.