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Friday, March 09, 2018


WOW! I can't believe a month had passed before I updated again! A thousand apologizes to you all. Things are going on a fast pace than I anticipated! OKAY! Without wasting much of your time, let me gist you guys all the things I had written inside my head! Yes oo, I do update my blog in my head while driving! 

First, SPRING BREAK is starting today! YEHAWWW! You don't know how happy I am for the reprieve! My kids went; URRGHHH MUMMY! When I told them to get ready for spring cleaning! I was not house proud last week when I opened the door and walked in, and said; This can't be my house! Toys all over the place, dishes in the sink, beds unmade and piled up laundry! 
I told you guys before, that I have handwriting like chicken scrawl!

I leave home very early in the morning before they go to school and come back late in the afternoon after they come back from school, and I work 10pm-6am. I barely have 6 hours of sleep a day! I feel for my kids too, they leave home 6.30/7.30am and come back 4pm/5pm. My girls play tennis after school, they just flop on the bed and doze off without eating and wake up at midnight to do their homework and eat. My boys, eat, do their homework and sleep off! Me? I sleep off! Hubby? Gets his own dinner, and sleep. It is CRA-A-ZYY, I tell you! AHAHHAAAA! On weekends, we do basic cleaning,  laundry, bathroom, cook, homework and sleep! 

Second, What the heck is wrong with Nigerian girls with proposing marriage ehn? Is it everything we must copy sef? Is it because they saw a scene in a Hollywood movie or what? .... I think the movie with Sandra Bullock chei?  I asked a couple of men in my place of work, and they went NAYYY! They prefer the traditional way! Movies are MAKE-BELIEVES!!!! Until SOME Nigerians learn to understand many things portray in Hollywood movies are not exactly what is happening here, they will continue to embarrass and disgrace themselves in a bid to be like 'oyibo!' Someday, I will write on this.

I just finished reading comments in a facebook group page on a diaspora venting in a video about incessant demands from home and how hard it is abroad. I made comments there also, but when it looked a guy was about getting insulting, I just gently waka comot before I type what was really in my mind ... some people are so filled with self-entitlement! I don't want to bore you guys with talks on such topic again, it is over-flogged already, and this post is getting too long sef! Just know that, it is very hard earning and spending the dollars in yankee, remember, it is a capitalist country, every nickel is accounted for! The way we work and spend money in 9ja is so different here! No 'egunje'! No 'contract'! No- my- broda- dash- me! No-oga-landlord-I beg! No-oga-nepa-take! No well to fetch water! it is O-Y-O!

It's no news many household gadgets and furnitures and cars are bought on credit. No wonder, a guy got so pissed up with a friend of his in Nigeria who asked for financial help, and this guy tried to explain things were not easy here also, then the friend in 9ja said ; 'At least you have credit cards to spend'. So that is a good thing abi? He will be living in gbese, and be paying debt until old age, while the 9ja-friend will be debt-free? My pipo, is that one a friend? I rest my case jor.

Daz  all for now, until next time, which will be very soon by the Mercy and Grace of GOD ..... THANK YOU for stopping by. Peace out!

Sunday, February 04, 2018


Good afternoon everyone! Thank you for visiting and commenting on my previous post.  No doubt, many took something important away from it because, my statistics told me so! 😃 I would have allowed anonymous comments, for many to air their views, but as my pipo say; experience is the best teacher!  So, I truly appreciate y'all.

OK! Lets talk about S-8-X! Remember that  old song by salt n pepa? 'Lets talk about s8x babe, lets talk about you n me, lets talk about all the good and bad things that may be it ... ' Yes 000, I am old school when it comes to music.😀

No doubt, you and I, have read many posts and comments on several platforms about the publicized sex dolls; Notice,I didn't say newly-discovered or invented because it  had been in use for decades but in secrecy. Did you see the video of the man with 6 of 'em? All in different locations in his house? 

 Have any of you wondered why so sudden? Is it to create more market for it? Hhmmm, I think not, IMO, I believe it is because of the recent 'wahala' some women are creating with their false accusations here and there against men! So, manufacturers are telling men; 'Hey! We are here to help you actualize your fantasy and urges without getting into any trouble again! 

OH! The comments from some women were hilarious and bitter! One said; 'It is like sleeping with a corpse'.  A guy replied; 'But, you women use dildo right? He got her right there! Afterall  dildo is a not 'alive' abi?  Another lady said; 'Who will do the cooking,cleaning and laundry for you men?' I was surprised at this question because most ladies are always forming 'miss-independent-no-doing-wifey-chores-until-after-wedding!' So, why do you care how he eats, tidy his apartment and wash his clothes fa? My dear lady, there are caterers, housekeepers and washing machine/ drycleaners /  laundry women who are ready to do all that  for a fee. Also, a guy said; 'It is only a lazy man that will depend on a girl for his daily meals when there is you-tube videos to direct him cook whatever he likes, that no girl can do shakara for him again!' 

WELL! To me, these s8x dolls are a welcome idea! It is about time o jare! Women have pushed the men to the wall with all their drama and demands! WAIT!!! Before you start clapping your hands sarcastically and  saying EH-ENNN, to me! Put sentiments aside and let us see the positive effects it will have; First, it will reduce sexual molestation, baby mama ish, STDS , infidelity,  (technically he is not, it is like saying masturbation is a crime which is not!) Polygamy and divorce!

Which boils down to my question: Will you agree for your partner to have s8x dolls?  The most-honest-truth is that  s8x is the ONLY reason many married men have extra-marital affairs while money is the ONLY reason women date married men! All the rest nah jara!  Afterall money for hand, back for ground as the popular slogan go ... nay, it is not only in 'opio' work! Many married couples are in long distance relationships. If that will help both the man  and woman not to fall into temptation, why not?  I saw the men version of the s8x doll, I didn't know when I shouted SHIORR! Because that 'joystick' will shift the uterus o!😁

The post is getting too long and boring? Qui? Okay, please bear with me, I am about rounding it up; You see, the married man can order to his specifics and that will spice up bedroom matters. Then all those 'leeches' who wants to suck a married man dry all in the name of  extra-marital affair will take back seat. If you doubt me, when the man stops giving out money, that love they claim to have will vamoose with immediate alacrity! Why? Simply because he is getting enough 'kpekus'  and living his fantasy at home, so, she won't be needed anymore!

Will wives be jealous? I think not! Because, they KNOW who their 'rivals' are, who won't be bitchy, or doing 'jazz' or having a love-child or wanting to be wifey #2 by force by fire or taking 'food' from her children's mouth out of greed!  Some of you might be thinking I am supporting the men right? DAMN RIGHT! I AM! Infact, I am thinking of placing an order for my hubby sef for his next birthday, because I don dey slack for that department 😀 ...yep, I admit it ... I am so stressed out . He laughed so hard, (it was good teasing )....when I was asking him for his specifics this morning  ... and nope, #joking# I ain't gonna share that info with you! Winks. Okay, guys, daz all for today, peace out!

Monday, January 08, 2018


I have permission from a dear friend to share her story to create awareness, with the hope we will all learn from it; So guys, please lend me your ears ... it is worth it.

My friend is an intelligent and hard-working lady, who grew up in a strict christian environment: You know the type of humble,quiet ladies, that don't like to offend anybody or look for trouble chei? Unlike me. She met her husband through a friend, and he was her first lover on their wedding night after a lovely wedding. 

She observed one particular bad habit about her husband; He can complain for Africa about everything and anything!!! Even if cockroach crawled pass, he was suspicious of it's moves! She tried reasoning with him ... WHOSAI! To make matters worst, her husband could not hold down a job! If he did not get fired, he would resign! Just as he dropped out of his master's programme without any valid reason! SIGH! 

Money matter nko? Forget matter for matthias! Tori brekete! She was the breadwinner in the home! She did not mind because she earned higher, but he would still borrow from her! Wetin she for do? Since he could not keep a job for more than a month because of too much complain! Which employer get time for that nansense? His complaining was too much, that he would even accuse workers in the bank of conspiracy theory if the ATM machine refused to disperse cash. I kid you not! MSCHEW!!!

Trouble started when she was pregnant for their first child. He displayed a weird behaviour that scared the s*** out of her! No! No! He did not hit her as some of you might be thinking. She ran to her in-laws to report him; That was when she was told, his outburst was due to clinical depression he had been diagnosed with before she met and married him! She asked, why she was not told earlier? Afterall it was not a death sentence ke! Their answer was; 'they told us not to tell you!' LIKE SERIOUSLY?Who were the 'they' biko? Abi friends or other family members that won't pray for such for their own daughter? You see how some human beings are? TAAA!!!

Being a faithful and loving wife, she showered love upon him, was submissive, fasted, prayed, read about the topic to know how best to manage his depression. She even attended a spiritual counselling retreat for both of them, all in a aid to help him feel better and have a happy home ... did it work? FOR WHERE! The guy-man simply refused to accept he had a problem sef! Or agreed he was ever wrong! He was Mr perfect, while others were at fault! URRGH!!!

Baby arrived, and as usual, all expenses were on her, le hub did not contribute a farthing to the upkeep of their child. she juggled her career, baby, matrimonial home, finances and his ailment, so as to keep the 'ship' sailing smoothly. Hmm! I doff my gele for her oo, she is a strong woman. Indeed she is what I will call a virtuous  woman. unlike someone I know sha ... why are you all looking at me?  It was so stressful, but GOD gave her the strength to carry all these on her shoulders, and you will think the man would help in any little way he could chei? I  HEAR!

Few years into her marriage her husband  displayed a behaviour that drove her crazy! I meant literally o! That she started having a 2nd thought about their relationship. Meanwhile, he had, had one of those 'outburst' that her in-laws claimed it was due to depression, that it took several people to calm him down! Eventually, all her in-laws gave her the OYO (on-your-own, for my  few non-Nigerian readers who don't understand the slang) attitude. He started accusing her of all sorts ... including witch- craft! Complaining about her to anybody who cared to listen, until they heard her own side of the story, and were speechless, as I was when she opened up to me!

When he started pointing that same accusing finger towards their young child, she knew it was no longer 'funny' and fled for her life with her son! She stayed away from her matrimonial home for many months. Her family and friends intervened; He was taken to the psychiatric hospital and diagnosed to have paranoid schizophrenia!!! This, his family KNEW all along, but LIED to her it was clinical depression! 

She was in utter shock! Again, being a loving and dutiful wife, she tried to help, by taking him to his appointments and bought his medications which he bluntly REFUSED to take! The doctors said, he could not be forced as an adult. She couldn't mix it with his meals or drinks, because his mother had tried that method in the earlier days before he got married and he stopped eating her food. And on numerous occasions after he got married, he had thrown her own pot of soups and stews away because it looked 'somehow' to him. That was the FINAL straw!

She confided in her pastor and some elders of the church and they agreed with her to get separated from her husband and go for annulment of the marriage because it was based on DECEIT: Him and his family knew he had a mental illness and didn't let her know, to make an informed decision. And all that time he had episodes while married to her, the family were only giving him sedatives after several people have held him down. She had a break down! 6 years of marriage, nullified! After so much emotional sufferings! Her only joy is her child. GOD, her family and friends were her pillar of support. Now, she is living alone with her child, while her husband is with his parents, and she has peace of mind. We are happy for her.

Many Nigerians are yet to fully accept that mental illness is real and the subject is broad! Depression is not the only mental illness as many think. I am happy her pastors agreed to a separation and then annulment, not the usual pray and fast advise they give. Unlike her SIL who was quoting orishirishi scripture verses to her, that cannot be found in the bible sef! And her BIL telling her, marriage is like a wrapped box, you don't know what you will find inside ... REALLY? Won't he dump his own wife in a twinkle of eye and marry one okpeke  if she has mental illness? I call it double standard o jare! The most scary thing is that, persons with mental illness can be manipulative and will find some people believing them and doubting themselves, especially when they have the power of authority or pulls the financial strings.  Today, as I write, she is a FREE and happy woman ... according to the law, she was never married, so by the grace of GOD she will find love again. AMEN!

Let me summarize things I read about mental illness, for a better understanding:

Psychosis is a loss of touch with reality.
Hallucination is hearing and seeing things that do not exist in reality.
Delusion is a false fixed belief( always around religion).
Emotional disorder, an exaggerated expression of normal behaviour in an attempt to manage a difficult situation.
Anxiety disorders, includes: Panic, phobic, OCD, and PSTD.
Eating disorders, includes; Pica, bulimia and anorexia.
Somatoform disorders, includes; Psychosomatic and hypochondriasis.
Factitious disorder, also factitious disorder by proxy.
Impulsive control disorders, includes:Hair picking,self-injury, and kleptomania.
Intermittent explosive disorder, includes; Aggressive outbursts, blames his victims.
Personality disorders, includes; Borderline, narcissistic, and anti-social.
Affective disorders, includes; major depression, bipolar and postpartum.
Schizophrenia,includes: Disorganized, catatonic and paranoid: Paranoid schizophrenics are suspicious of everybody and everything! They are convincing and manipulative. Anti-psychotic medications are administered to them.

Thank you for reading. I know it was a long post, but believe me when I say, I summarized it as much as I could without losing the context of the story.

Monday, January 01, 2018


YESS!!! WE MADE IT TO 2018!!! GOD BE PRAISED! And YES! I am screaming because I am so happy and grateful to GOD for HIS infinite Mercy, not because you and I, are better or righteous or loved most, than those who could not, but by HIS Grace. 

I just finished cooking or should I say baked; I wanted something out of the usual jollof/fried rice, moin-moin/ salad menu, so my daughters and I made meat-pie, scotch egg, doughnut, and cake. And nope, we did not go out for the new year celebration as it had become our tradition because of a (an) 'ish' within our little 9ja community between some people ... I don't know the full gest yet, when I do, I will yarn y'all.

I don't make new year resolutions as many of you might have known, I simply pray for the new year to be better than the previous. And learn from last year errors/mistakes/decisions/misjudgments.

I watched few Nollywood movies in Netflix, like; Dad, Mum, meet Sam; I didn't like it. It was so cheesy and the Nigerian 'house' was not in Nigeria; How did I know? The interior finishings and the backyard from the kitchen was a giveaway! I wonder how they shot the market scene in Nigeria? Both airports were shot in the same location in abroad, how did I know again? Look at the surrounding buildings. And his friend Fola;SIGH! First time for me to rate a Nigerian movie 2 stars. But I liked the Nollywood comedy film; 'Heads on'. I laughed so hard. Gave it 5 stars.

Well,daz is all for now, thanks so much for stopping by. OK, lemme go and get another round of scotch egg, meat pie, doughnut with chilled cranberry juice and watch a movie. OH! I forgot; Hubby wanted to order cake for my birthday tomorrow, told him not to bother, I was already baking one for the new year. Thanking GOD for another year. Shalom.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


This is the 6th Christmas I am celebrating in yankee, and it gets better by each year. I  observed that, it is not so different from the way, we do it back home; People traveled to be with their families, parents and relatives. So I wonder where we Nigerians got the misconception that oyibo people don't have culture or don't like associating with their families? And why some Nigerians are trying so hard to celebrate it in the 'oyibo way' in 9ja? Maybe the wrong perception was gotten from movies or the exaggerated tales from some Diasporas? 

The truth is, there is more fun when festivals are celebrated together with friends and families. At least a day out of 365 days can be enjoyed together, setting differences aside as a race, tribe, denomination, politics e.t.c.

It is this 'joy' that makes people bond .....  and yes, I know December 25th is not Christ actual date of birth (no documented records) and the celebration have been commercialized. But as long as you and I know the reason for the season; 'Joy to the world, the Lord has come!' Let the earth receive her King!' ..... We will celebrate!

Wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas and  Happy new year in advance.
By HIS infinite mercy and grace, we shall all see  2018. Amen.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017


I was told to watch the hot single boss lady; A short,simple and well edited movie. The first thing that struck me, was the title and poster; It did not go with the theme of the movie: It was about a lady who had to survive with younger sister by ' lying on he back'. The younger sister was ashamed of her older sister who was in the oldest trade ever known to mankind, and denied her existence when it came to the most important thing in her life  .... you can watch the rest in you-tube.

My questions are; Didn't her profession teach her to use protection always? At least this much I saw in the first scene, when her younger sister refused to pick up a used condom on the floor. And do her profession care if the clients are married or not? Is their motto not: Money for hand, and back for ground? SO, WHY DID SHE HAVE UNPROTECTED WITH HIM? And TOLD HIM SHE DOES NOT DO MARRIED MEN? This is because she slept with the manager of the bar so her ungrateful younger sister can get a job, and  at that desperate moment, did she care if the manager was married or not? The writer of the story wants to portray the idea of a 'good girl' in the eyes of the viewers.

Why was the married man seen as the victim? He CHEATED on his wife! How can a CEO of a company don't know how to fight with any missiles in his hands for his own company, that he built from the scratch and with his sweat?  That it has to take a complete stranger to tell him what to do? And by the way, was she sourcing for clients at the beach or relaxing?

Now, lets talk about the ingrate younger sister shortcomings/ insecurities; A young orphaned girl without parental love, who had to watch her elder sister sleep with different men, likely developed fear of being abandoned and lack of trust for men. She is so self-centered by causing her own miscarriage with alcohol! At the end of the day, she still ran for succor in the hands of her elder sister when her marriage was about to hit the rocks.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The Santa Christmas parade just passed the street few minutes ago, many houses are decorated and light up for the Christmas celebration .... streets are looking so beautiful, my kids are asking for a Christmas tree this year, I don't know if I should indulge them, just to make them happy because I feel indifferent about it. As usual, we would be spending the Christmas with my brother-in-law since they celebrated the thanksgiving with us, it has become our  'tradition'  , hopefully, my kids will not see it as a norm and cultivate it, because that is how culture came about in the first place ... it is learned and simply an adaptation to one's environment.

Social media is filled with the tithe palava ... hey, you can top reading here if this is a sensitive matter to you, because I had once addressed this in my old blog and I did not get so-good comments on it. I agree with Freeze, the come-backs from the god-of-men are all emotional blackmails, innuendo with curses for unborn generations. SERIOUSLY? Why is the comeback not grounded on scriptures as Freeze presented his? Every human strive to have a source of livelihood, so who are the chosen 'Levites' in this era that do not have a vocation, that will depend on the tithes for survival? And Christ has bought us into the priesthood with HIS blood, so are we not all 'Levites'? Just take a moment to think about this without sentiments.  

GOD no longer dwells in a building, in a ark, because our body is now HIS TEMPLE! So why continuously say bring your tithes to the house of GOD? I do believe in giving that tithe to the orphans, widows, fatherless children, hungry, sick and the needy and YES, I have been blessed for it! The come-backs are baseless ... are all Nigerians Christians? Are non-Christians not successful in their businesses or careers? Again I ask, is  Christianity the true and only religion on earth?  I attend a non-Nigerian church here, and no emphasis is made on tithe, or linked to prosperity ... offering is free-will, rather, they want to bless you if you lack ... that is true definition of Christianity; CHRIST-LIKE, since GOD IS LOVE! 

Sexual harassment accusations is the trendy-thing here ...  some accusations were found to be false, some settled out of court with heavy payment, some still pending.  Few of the comments that caught my interest were: that corporations would gradually stop employing females especially in sensitive positions,and men would be afraid to compliment, flirt or ask women out, hence, many women will be left on the 'shelve'.  With advanced technology, sexual robots would soon take over; a short documentary I watched minutes ago before blogging.

Deny it or not, many women need the love, companion and touch of men! Power given is a responsibility not a gift, so, women should not abuse it! Are men not sexually harassed by women also? With the constant display of nude pictures and seductive dancing in social media? If men put their ego aside and starts to sue women for sexual harassment also, they won't be taken seriously just as the man who accused a female of raping him. I remembered many of the comments, laughing and making jest of him, asking how did his '3rd leg' stood up if  he did not enjoy it? And women continue to ask for equality when they display double standard, in sexual and financial matters? OH PUHLEASEEE!

Monday, November 20, 2017


I hope I don't continue to sound like  a broken record with my apologizes, qui? Okay then, I am sorry for my inconsistency in blogging,I have so much on my plate right now, by the grace of GOD I will come out with a testimony soon to praise GOD for HIS faithfulness. It is always good to give thanks and appreciate everything and anything someone does for you. There is nothing like little or trivial kindness, it takes love and caring for one to be kind, especially in this era we live in, which is all about me, I and myself, and especially in this society I live in, that, the fear of litigation has made many to be too careful with their words and actions. All the same, there is always an exception and people who are ready to take that risk to show kindness and love to both strangers and friends. 

There is festive mood in the air because thanksgiving is just around the corner. By Thursday, thousands of baked turkey will be adorning the dinner tables in America. Sincerely yours will buy pre-cooked turkey on Wednesday, because, moi is too lazy tired  to bake any turkey from scratch! My oga has ordered jollof rice and moin-moin from a caterer for our guests ... nay, my brother-in-law and his family are not guests o jare ... that has been our 'tradition' since we came to yankee, but 2 or 3 friends do come over to join in the celebration. I did detailed cleaning of my home this weekend because I will be busy during the week, and need my beauty sleep, since when I don become sleeping beauty fa?  before Thursday.

I changed my schedule at my place of work, I don't want to work on Sundays anymore because I need more quality time with my family; I have told you guys before how night work affects my family. I usually have Wednesdays and Thursdays off, my kids and husband would not be at home, I would still be sleeping when they came back, no time for communication, it was truly affecting us, money is good but family is best. See, living in America can be very lonely for an immigrant without family or a companion. Especially now that winter is at the door.

SO! My co-workers surprised me with a send-forth party, because, I was transferred to another branch that fits my new schedule last week, I was overwhelmed by their kind words in the thank you card, (even from other managers) and I love the gift, it is symbolic ..... look at the picture up there #pointing#, .... I felt so blessed and loved at that moment, because truly speaking, it feels good to be appreciated. Hence, I will be failing in my job if I don't appreciate those who have been there for me .... to my creator; the ALPHA & OMEGA, my parents, my husband, my children, my friend Patrina, my Church members, my neighbours, my co-workers,  the kind strangers I have met on my journey in this life and to everyone who reads my blog,  I say, a big THANK YOU! GOD bless you all.


P.S I had written several thanksgiving posts, but this particular one still gets more readership .... Can anything good come out of ......

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Yesterday was  Halloween...I no dey celebrate am! So my porch light was off, no trick or treat for anybody!😀 For the fact that I have come to like cats no mean say, I ready to celebrate  halloween ..MBANU! I am still very superstitious o! Anyways, happy Halloween to those who celebrated, after-all, the bible say, rejoice with those who rejoice...abi, no be so, my pipo, make una no vex for me fa! My hands are keeping busy, but today I have few hours to myself. How una deyy? 

Can you believe that my manager I be gist una about,( read am for here,  if you have forgotten,) just used that guy? ME-HNN, The babe na sharp girl shaa! She dumped the guy after she got what she wanted. Out of annoyance, the guy come dey show co-workers her picture when she dey for 'birthday-suit!' He was nearly fired, but he come beg. KAI! I cannot believe small girl like that can have mind to do wetin she do. I raise hand for am! Infact, she was the one that leaked out their affair! You see why I dey raise hand for am?

The other tiny person that pushed her to take that desperate action don vex transfer comot from our side, because the position she wanted was given to her friend. She come serve her friend the same dish of bitchiness she gave my former manager. That one no look her side, out of anger abi frustration she go. I laugh wella! Me-hn .... the babe show us pe-pper! Her friend is a better manager than her! Everyone loves her. 

HAPPY NEW MONTH! A month of thanksgiving in yankee ... this I will prepare for in 3 weeks time 😁 

Friday, October 06, 2017


Ever since I came to know Nse-Etim, I look forward to seeing her ... in movies! NOPE! I am not a movie critic neither has my blog turned to movie review. Today, is on 'THE VISIT'.  A very interesting, thought-provoking movie. It got a 5 rating in Netflix! First time of seeing a Nollywood movie getting a high rating!

The 2 hours movie addressed several issues in marriage amongst couples. Nollywood is going places oo! Who was subtitling the waffi pidgin spoken by Ajiri and Lanre ehn? For example; 'You fall my hand' is 'You f**k my heart?' And that oral s*x scene on the car was exxxagggerated (you see my number of x's and g's?). Yeah, I know Ajiri admitted she has a high libido ... mehn, the manner she said it in pidgin made me laughed; 'e be like say, wetin I carry big pass my body!'

After the revealing of so many secrets between both couples, Chidi asked; 'What happened to the concept of being 'naked' without being ashamed? Good question! That is why his wife Eugenia re-wrote her life story, and was living a fake life,  just as many people in the virtual and real world! The few who don't mind being 'naked' are cussed or snubbed or avoided! Eugenia had a different personality in her Candy blog, and Ajiri with her flightier blog ID. 

The movie addressed the problem of hyping, which Lanre did so much and his bubble was bursted eventually! Some people like 'packaging' themselves for reasons best known to them and easily deceive the naive. Again, whatever works for MR A cannot work for MR B. 

I have a question; Did they use the same apartment for shooting all scenes? I ask because I noticed the same holes on the kitchen floor cabinets, which is usually caused by water leakage or 'uninvited-guests/-non-paying tenants'. (9jas know what I mean .ahahha).  

P.S: Ladies need to think about this fake lashes tinz..the way the camera zoomed on Eugenia face, it made the eyelashes looked...  i no fit talk am.😁

Friday, September 29, 2017


When I read reviews on the Nollywood movie; 30 days in 2014-2015, I was not eager to watch it. So today, while scrolling through Netflix I saw it amongst the newly added ... I got curious and decided to watch it as a means of relaxation. For few like me, that have not watched it, it is a romance comedy. Shot both in Nigeria and America.

It was a star-studded movie. I was impressed, because I know the 3 black American Hollywood actresses would not have gone below their standard to feature in a Nolly wood production. No doubt the producers did not spare costs and did their homework well, because some of the facilities they filmed in, needed written approval and consents from the appropriate authorities and persons, unlike what is the obtainable in Nigeria. The editing was also on point, no prolonged dialogues and exaggerated scenes. The actors kept it real. For this, I give 2 thumbs up. BUT...


Nobody or man-made thing is ever flawless right? I find the humour dry ... I was not captivated nor did I get the rib-racking laugh I was expecting, I paused it to get some things done, then came back, which I don't do when I am spell bound by some movies. The character Akpos, was kind-of-off, the humour did not come out as it was intended to, knowing how body movements and gestures can make you laugh without much words ... Akpos just didn't click with me! Mercy Johnson, didn't disappoint. Personally, I don't like red braids on dark skinned girls, it makes the tone of the skin looks off! And when Ramsey came out of the artiste shop with the framed drawing, it was not wrapped. only for him to get home,I saw him bringing it out of the car wrapped in brown paper. In the first scene, Ramsey wisps of hair on this bald patch should had been smoothed slightly down with gel, the wind had tossed it, that it looked weird. He is a good looking-man.

I have a question..nay, make it 3 😀: The Akpos look, was it deliberate for the movie or at that moment, that was what the actor actually looked like? The facial bumps was distracting. I have seen AY pictures and watched his shows in You-tube ...comparing both, his facial appearance in the movie looked rough! Was he trying to depict the average waffi-ghetto-guy? If not, then the make-up was poorly done to cover his flaws and the camera zoomed in too close for comfort. If the immigration lawyer knew Akpos was in for the green card, why still went to the airport? After saying she might go to jail for that?

I will rate the movie 4 out of 5. The producer did a good job, the script was tight and interesting, the editing on point. Someone like Mr Ibru or Bovi would have delivered the Akpos character better, IMO. All the same, a big kudos to all involved, it was a deviate from the norm in Nollywood.

P.S Wishing ALL Nigerians a HAPPY independence day in advance.😁
p.s.s, If you want me to watch a movie and give my honest opinion on it, inbox me.
Thank you all.

Monday, September 25, 2017


I hail una, my pipo! (Greetings) Hmm, make una no vex for me oo!(Don't be angry). This is my first post this month ... nay, the peeping in post no count. My guys, it was not by choice o, as I had to pursue something else, so I can equip myself for tomorrow and get a better pay. It is easy, make I confess positively. I had a little respite, so I opened my laptop,..and here I am.

I have plenty gist in my head to yarn you all (I have so much to say), but how to coordinate it, so it won't be long and boring is my problem ... but I still dey type instead to start yarning the koko abi?  (I am still perambulating instead of going to the main topic). 

Alright! It is about this Nigerian community in yankee oo! I just tire for their wahala fa! Their pop-nosy is on another level ga! Imagine few people like that, saying, why is my hubby  helping out too much with the grocery and cooking? Am I the first woman to be doing 2 things the same time? That some women do x3  sef!

OTURUGBEKE! Trouble dey sleep, yanga go wake am up??? Trust me ke! I sent back a strong worded message to the sabinus (es)! I told them, #1 I am NOT their wife!
#2, My hubby married a woman and NOT a superwoman! Did I tell anyone that I was related to Clark and his cousin, or I came from the planet kryptonite? And #3, they do NOT know our story!

Many that have been reading my blog for ages, will understand what I am talking about! Living in Nigeria and abroad is like 2 parallel lines. The men have no choice than to do the needful for the family, because it is all about survival!!!

I am an introvert and know how to entertain myself, hence, I don't need any parapo (tribe meetings) to validate myself or feel belonged! GOD who made a way for us to come here, will definitely complete HIS works in our lives! Amin oo!

LISTEN! The amount of lies, exaggeration I read in some posts and comments section, will deceive naive young couples and likely cause more problems in their marriage or relationship. Can 2 walk together, unless they agree? Amos 3:3. To each is own abeggy! 

See you later! ADIOS!😀