Monday, September 23, 2019


Sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel and say I am done! .... With blogging!
But, I keep hanging on to it because it is an avenue to voice my thoughts and rant!
Though, I know, nobody got the time to read long posts  anymore, when juicy gist are always popping up in FB, Twitter and Instagram.

To imagine over 10 years ago, blogging was the rave! Reading and commenting in many blogs then,was fun. I once said, blogging will not be the same again, after the dry-phase few years back. Only popular entertainment blogs are still thriving

Is that what I wanted to talk about when I opened my laptop this morning? NO!
I wanted to talk about greed and envy!My people! I have seen the result of being greedy and envious of people! 

You do NOT touch the money of people who laboured for it! NO,
YOU JUST DON'T! One oga at the top was disgraced and left without a word of goodbye or sendforth party! All his years of working down the drain! It all started with a voice! And the others followed! No one is untouchable! All in the name of accruing more to himself!

Envy! CHAI! I was at the receiving end of it! I did NOT know the person I was eating and playing with, was the one stabbing me behind my back with malicious gossips! That someone quarreled with her on my behalf, because the person was just tired of her lies! And, that was when I heard the whole thing! I did not confront her, but took it to prayers. She wanted me out because I did not support her work ethics. You are paid to do a job, so do it! She says I take the job too serious! I told her, because that is WHO I AM!

Monday, September 02, 2019


My shock! When told, I lack empathy! Because I put my own family FIRST? I lack empathy because I do not support one lends out their house rent? If only they have walked in my shoes then they will know where I am coming from!

I grew up in my parents home always filled with relatives and friends staying or visiting. My parents gave the best they had, yet they could not please all! At the end of the day, it is; 'we are not good!' Oh yeah? But you still want to come over to stay? To ask for financial aide?Then stay with your own family that is perfect and saints! And when my parents got into hard times? WE WERE ON OUR OWN! Nobody knew our daily struggles! And what about me? I cleaned and cooked after them all, and yet, got a bellyful of badmouthing!

YES! It hurts! Realized SOME Nigerians like to suck out all they can get from someone, just like oranges! Thus, I stayed my lane, minding my own beewax! Drinking garri when nothing in pocket! Making lemonades from the lemons life throws to me! Going on my knees when it becomes so hard!And GOD remained faithful. During my struggles in America, a blogger, who became my good dear friend gave me a shoulder to lean on until I got on my feet. When I tried to explain to Nigerians back home, how it is not easy down here, their comments made me sad.

NO! I do not lack empathy, I have learnt to be cautious, because once beaten, twice shy! And it is the same people that will laugh at you when you are down. And when you vent, they will ask 'are you the only one? Help if you want to help! Using emotional blackmail and quoting scriptures! OH! How spiritual some Nigerians are when it comes to asking for help/money! But their hearts are deceitful! 

Thinking about yourself for once, is not lack of empathy, but self-care and love.
Happy new month!

Friday, August 16, 2019


Remember my previous post on working with Nigerians? I was called to come and intervene in a matter between a Nigerian and her co-workers in another department. I did not support the Nigerian lady because she was not right. 

SOME Nigerians are too stubborn! They want to have their way! This is NOT 9ja! NOBODY CARES WHO YOU ARE! Simply go by the rules! If you cannot, quit! And yes she was let go!

I keep trying to cover up for the other Nigerians in my department but it is really getting to me! Must one be corrected about a particular thing over, and over and over again???yWHY MUST YOU DO IT YOUR OWN WAY??? Many times And when politely corrected, they take offense!

Monday, July 29, 2019


27th & 28th, was our 18th year wedding anniversary for both traditional & church. We talked about what people said about our marriage and us because of our huge differences; Tribe, religion, shape, background and personalities. We talked about each other flaws and on to improve on it.

My name in my dialect means, I WILL NOT FALL FROM PEOPLE'S MOUTH!'(meaning whatever negative things people say about me, will never hurt me and my blessings from GOD).The things that had been said alone about our marriage by both friends and family, would have seen our marriage fall apart! BUT GOD IN HIS INFINITE MERCY SAW US THROUGH THE STORMY WATERS! All GLORY to HIM.

This is a moment of celebration, not venting, because we have come a long way. Marriage is NOT easy. It takes hard work and sacrifices on both ends. Supportive friends and family makes the journey less tedious. And the presence of GOD keeps it peaceful.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019


Hello everyone! It's been few weeks now! I have been wanting to update but have no encouragement to do so because it is quite clear many are not visiting or reading blogs ,.. scratch that ... my blog rather, talkless to comment. I know this, because I do same! 🤣 I rather click on my FB and read the trendy stuff rather than reading blogs. I feel you all o jare!🤣 But I still write, because it is my own way of relaxing.

Okay! What have been happening lately in my life and place of Work? Hmmm...nothing much! But old gossip about my former co worker that was a pain in my a** then, (do you remember her?) she eventually quit! My old colleagues jubiliated when she left! 🤣 To tell you, she was a real pain!

I strongly believe in prayers! Everyday, I see miracles and testimonies in my life. GOD is ever faithful. Indeed, He says, the battle is HIS and vengeance is HIS also. I have learnt to let HIM fight my battles for me. ALL GLORY be unto HIM.

Who wears the shoes knows were it truly hurts... but we still do not understand it, until it happens to us .... but it did not happen to me ... this time ... but to a co-worker who was fond of adding more duties on my team, until she got served herself! I told her, welcome to our team! Now, she understands how we feel!🤣 Since then, we are both good and no more additional workload. Just awesome!😁

Alright! That is all ... for now! Going back to sleep now to prepare for work later.😊

Monday, June 24, 2019


I lived in Nigeria for 38 years before relocating, so there are some things that Nigerians I have met in America say, that makes me give them the side eye! Some lies don't need to be told to feel important! You just DON'T! Empty vessels keep making the loudest noise!

Regardless of who you are or what you are back home, immediately you cross the 7 seas into America, you are like ever other immigrant hustling for the dollar and struggling to pay bills!

I understand the changes can have an impact on some people pysch and I always LISTEN to them when they start talking; If that is their coping mechanism, I go along with them, to help them feel better. BUT! There is a line, they should NOT cross! When they try to make themselves look better than other diasporans! There I draw the line! Abeggy, we are ALL hustling for the $$$!

I do NOT have any Nigerian friend! Yes, I have co-workets. Why? Because, I do not want drama and over-hyping and end up offending them with my bluntness! So I maintain my lane! 

Have a blessed week.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Social platforms have been agog with father's day awareness because it is mostly mother's day that is well celebrated. So this morning my hubby said he was not entering the kitchen in celebration of father's day, just as I did during mother's day. We laughed. And I went down memory lane; 20 years we have been together, 18 years of marriage by July, and  while in Nigeria, hubby did not go to the kitchen to cook, he could not boil ordinary indomie noodles sef! 

Living abroad for 7 years now by HIS GRACE has brought remarkable changes in our lives. For those who have read my previous old posts, I talked about the challenges in our inter-tribal and religious marriage. Those challenges have now been overcome. I thank GOD always for bringing us to America, because environment played a huge factor: No external interferences from families and friends. When we have an issue, we resolve it between ourselves. We are now more closer to each other unlike before when in Nigeria. All GLORY to GOD, because it is not by our own efforts. 

Yes,you are a good father when I wished him happy father's day. He does the school runs, attend school activities, grocery shopping, and cook for us. My cooking game is very low nowadays. My daughters  and hubby are more in charge. 

Happy father's day to every father out there. 

P.s : Started the post yesterday, but fell asleep. So I am posting it this morning @ past 3am. 

Sunday, June 02, 2019


A lot have happened for the past few weeks.
The sour co-worker I told you guys about in previous posts, had been fired! Her attitude really sucks and she stepped on the wrong toes! 

I wish I can talk about my experiences with my clients but I have to respect the privacy policy. But I tell you, some of them feels sooo entitled that it irks me! They make the compassion in me to grow cold! I have to keep telling myself: 'You are here to do a job, don't take it personal! Don't take your job home! YEAH! Easier said than done!🤣

The other team working in a different department is having racial issues! Nope! Not white vs black, but African Americans vs Africans! The Afican Americans  DISLIKE Africans! Which they do not bother to hide. It is so bad that, there had been verbal alteractions which made the HOD to intervene! Yes! I am suprised like you guys!

Daz all for now...happy New month everyone.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


The month of May means so much to me. It was the month we relocated abroad...making it 7 years now, all to the Glory of GOD.

It is the month we celebrate 3 birthdays in my home: Last week was my 1st son's  birthday, today is my hubby's birthday, next week is my 2nd daughter's birthday, yesterday was my 1st daughter's prom and her graduation is next week. What a blessed month! Again, all praises be to JEHOVAH!

It is in May, all issues in my place of work got resolved. Some were fired, including the sour Nigerian co-worker I talked about previously, and some quit. Now, everyone, knows their roles and get their job done! No room for nonsense!

I am indeed grateful to GOD for HIS infinite mercy. Not because I am righteous or loved most, but just by His grace. He has seen us through a lot. It had not been a bed of roses,  even roses have thorns that prickles. Some days I have cried, I have had doubts, I have  asked many questions, I have made errors ... but through it all, HE remained faithful.

Please, you all should join me to celebrate . For the bible says: Rejoice with those that rejoice... shall it be. Shalom.

Monday, May 06, 2019


I am no fan of PDA. To see it displayed inside church during worship in the name of keeping a United front as a couple leaves me amused. 

They had their hands  wrapped around each other, while standing, With her head resting on his chest, swinging and singing together to the beat and song... ..and her hand rubbing his chest with her eyes closed! Yes! They were directly in my line of  vision

I see couples holding hands together, wives resting their heads on their husbands shoulders, husbands caressing their wives arms in a circular motion ... which I had always IGNORED, telling myself it is none of my bee wax! But what I saw last Sunday was just too much abeg! There is a place for every thing!

As much, as I like the refreshed experience of a different church,PDA is not my thing! This is because, I see it as trying hard to validate something! To either prove to yourself or to others that you are loved or you love the person. 

I rather to be shown and showered love when alone together and by kind actions. And not all these PDA! My hubby knows this about me 

 If the world wants to show love through PDA, we should STOP the violence! And the world will be a better place.

Wednesday, May 01, 2019


Today is worker's day in Nigeria. So, let me gist you all about the updates in my place of work. Do you guys remember my first complaint about my coworker who was making things difficult for me that I had to report to management and requested to be moved to another section? 

Well! Management employed another person to work with her. GUESS WHAT? Last month, they had a clash! In fact, the new employee gave her hot! That, she was the one that went to report to management. She went for an interview in another place, unknown to her, one of the interviewers knows someone in our place of work and asked about her. MEHN! The person downloaded this lady story finish for the interviewer. I will update you, if she gets the job or not. 

About my own team that I am the lead; Remember I had issues with the Nigerians there? Eventually things fell in place and everybody now know what is expected of them. We  have made our peace with each other EXCEPT one who is still giving a sour attitude. I simply ignored her because, she go tire! We came here to earn a paycheck and go back to our houses. Do I still trust them or want to work with them in future? NAYY! 

Daz all! Happy workers' day!😁

Saturday, April 06, 2019


Indeed! Who laughs last, laughs best! I am laughing my guys! Eventually everything came to a conclusion when a conference was held with parties involved and found out, my 9ja people were economical with the truth! They spiced up their own version to make them look like the victims. ALAS! I was vindicated! The attitude of one of them, really sucked, which irritated the management and nailed them guilty!

New rules were implemented and more authority given to me, which astonished them! They never expected it! Imagine! Not that they were accused wrongly but angry the management found out. And they want to know who told on them! Like my people say; It is foolhardy to go looking at the back of a tortoise to see if it has an anus, because we all do, and we all shit and all our shit stinks! 

Hopefully, they will sit-up and throw their own weight around too! It is not fair when others are carrying most of the weight and they just stroll along. I do not like conflict or confrontation, I tell you, but some might not believe. Right now, we are all on a clean slate, everybody on their lane and facing front. Which suits me wella!

Okay guys,daz all....hopefully! #grinning#